The foundation

More than a year ago, the first meeting between Rocco Minelli and Robert Casaburi (TSM Insurance) took place in La Chaux-de-Fonds. AutoMate founders Jürg R. Ernst and Rocco Minelli issued a statement: “It was a long and difficult path. Now we’re ready, and we’re starting the digital age.” After more than a year of discussions at the senior management level with various domestic and foreign insurers, the process of “going live” is clearly easier.

There was great interest in this project

“We are happy that a Swiss company has decided to partner with us,” said Rocco Minelli. With TSM Insurance (founded in 1921), we have found an insurer with a tradition of cooperation. This partnership ensures that the know-how will stay in Switzerland. Many other insurers were interested. Some of the discussions fell apart at the last minute, and sometimes there was a complete lack of answers. This was not the case with TSM: their enthusiasm was visible right from the beginning.

Specialists at work

The implementation of this project depends on the appropriate team. Rocco Minelli has put one together meticulously: this is essentially our Board of Directors. “The fast commitment to collaborate on this project confirmed our plans,” says Minelli. Each board member is a specialist in their field and handles specific tasks within AutoMate. This ensures that all the members contribute their experiences in an optimal way.
Finally, Jürg Ernst confirms: “The time is ripe – as the first vendor to offer a fully-digitalized solution, we are happy for our customers.”

Rocco Minelli

Jürg R. Ernst

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